Education & Awareness

Foundation ACE through its partnership with Alannah & Madeline Foundation aims to combat the online child sexual exploitation industry through a multifaceted approach of education and awareness, support for law enforcement, support for victims and advocacy.

We work with the Victoria Police Joint Anti Child Exploitation Taskforce (JACET) to bring greater attention to this issue within Australian communities. We increase public awareness and education through regular private events such as the function held in Merrick’s in March 2018 and the upcoming Fundraising Lunch in May 2019.

Through local and national programs run by Alannah & Madeline Foundation, we promote victim-reporting channels and education to parents and children on cyber-safety and dangers of online sexual grooming and the dark web.

Our website will be developed to become a hub of information and educational resources, to provide community support on the issue of online exploitation and to promote a greater level of awareness and knowledge to parents and carers of children.

Defend children from online exploitation.

Support for Law Enforcement

We raise funds to provide financial support for a range of initiatives including:

• Provisions of Police Scholarships for the brightest minds to attend international conferences to obtain cutting-edge strategies and access to global networks to improve rates of perpetrator arrest.

• A website which will include a simple Cyber Report process so that victims can report instances of online child sexual exploitation.

Support our mission to against online exploitation.

Victim Support

Providing support for victims and their families is a priority for Foundation ACE. When professional counselling is available to help in recovery, the negative impact of abuse is often minimised.

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation’s ‘Children Ahead’ program provides support to children traumatised by violence. We support this program and advocate for a funded provision of a Specialist Trauma Recovery Service for children affected by online exploitation.

Protect children from online exploitation.


Foundation ACE liaises with policy makers including members of the Victorian Parliament to bring greater attention to the issue and contribute to legislative change to support children who are exploited.

We are committed to advocating for the dignity and rights of children who are the silent victims of exploitation and we shine a light on these growing and shameful crimes.